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What is “no deposit bonus” from casino?

No deposit bonus – it is a so-called bonus from casino, the bookmaker or poker room who is presented completely free of charge, that is, the player doesn’t need to invest the money if he wants to play on real money online of casino. However, not so generous no deposit bonuses, such as bonuses on the first deposit. On the other hand, bonuses without deposit give the chance to feel this play, this atmosphere of passion and at the same time not to risk real money.

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What is wager on a bonus?

Wager is the amount of rates in games of casino after which making, the bonus received by the player in online of casino is considered won back. Before being registered casino, attentively read rules. There you without fail will find the size wager for a bonus without deposit.

There is an example that such wager and as he recoups:

Let’s tell, you received 10 dollars there is no deposit bonus for registration. In rules you read that wager on this bonus constitutes h30. That is, 10 x 30 = 300, and it means that you need to put down at least on rates 300 dollars to win back a bonus and by the right to count the won money the. Then it is possible to be engaged in process of a conclusion of a prize.

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How to use the “no deposit bonus” if you received it?

Unfortunately, most casino which grant to the players Isn’t present the deposit bonuses, don’t allow to play all games but only in certain.

As a rule, games always go 100% on account of rates/after game to gaming machines there is no deposit. The roulette, a blackjack and other – percent and speed of an after game will be much lower.

Look for more detailed information besides in rules of casino, or address in a chat the operator who will answer all questions interesting you.

Whether it is possible to withdraw the won money with “no deposit bonus”?

Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary! Otherwise, why to play in general?

A lot of the beginning players are interested in a question: whether it is possible to withdraw money from online of casino if they were received thanks to a bonus without deposit? If you ask the same question – that isn’t present anything strange here, it would be desirable to spend a heap the time for a game (we hope successful), and then to learn that you for any reason can’t receive a deserved prize. By the way, the casino has the right not to pay money only for two reasons:

  • If in rules it is mentioned it; respectively, it is recommended to read with special attentiveness even the smallest text;
  • If the casino doesn’t differ in honesty, that is, is a swindler that can hardly sound for you as something new.

How process of a conclusion looks there is no deposit bonus?

It is impossible to call process of withdrawal of money difficult, but it would be desirable to discuss all stages in more detail:

First Step

First of all, be not afraid if the casino asks to grant a minimum amount for verification of your account. Of course, the first that the person who saw the similar message can think: “It is deception!”, we assure you – it is the commonly accepted measure for verification of the account. Anyway, your money won’t get to anywhere, you with ease at any time will be able to remove them.

Second Step

After making of the minimum deposit for a prize conclusion, the administration of casino can request documents which could confirm your personality, for this purpose there is enough regular the passport or driver’s licenses, but not all work by the same principle and be not surprised if online of casino asks to provide also some other documents

Third Step

The following stage for some players the most difficult as here it is necessary to wait. The matter is that workers online of casino need to recheck your documents on what several hours, days, and sometimes and about a week of time leave

And, at last, after all these manipulations you receive the notification that your account is verified and, respectively, you can withdraw money. However, some online of casino practice other method of the notification: simply the status of the account so you shouldn’t write angry letters of administration changes.

After your account was successfully verified, can not doubt that you with ease will manage to withdraw the earned money for any e-wallet, however, in this case the translation also can borrow several hours of time.

Otherwise, if after everything that you made, you are simply entered in “black list” and won’t respond to messages, calls – then the most unpleasant begins: you understand that you were deceived. Therefore before playing online of casino, always try to find the maximum quantity of information on as far as it is fair whether it is possible to withdraw without problems money, etc.

What nuances can be expected from “no deposit bonus”?

If you are already ready to begin a game with the help there is no deposit – “hold horses”, all above-mentioned, is still not all information which will be required to you for a comfortable game.

  • Any type of bonuses from online of casino is a certain gesture of hospitality, a gift, respectively, it isn’t necessary to abuse it. It is recommended to read with special care rules of casino, in particular, everything, as for bonus accounts;
  • Once again I will repeat – each casino has a number of rules on payment: usually it is about making of the deposit and confirmation of the personality then you will be able to remove the earned amount with ease what it was told above about;
  • Online of casino certain restrictions in relation to a conclusion of the earned amount which was won thanks to free bonuses have a large number. Unfortunately, the similar phenomenon normal so be not surprised if from the won 1500 dollars you are able to remove only 200.

What maximum amount you will be able to remove from a “no deposit bonus”?

In rules of casino it is always specified what maximum amount of money you will be able to remove from a bonus without deposit. However, in rare instances there is no this restriction. Never hesitate to address in a chat of casino on any interesting question.

Nevertheless we will notice that if you even managed to break a jackpot thanks to a bonus without deposit, hardly you will manage to withdraw all money

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