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What is casino no deposit bonus?

No deposit bonus is a so-called bonus from online casino, bookmaker or poker room provided absolutely free of charge. Thus, the player doesn’t need to invest money if he/she wants to play on real money online. However, free welcome bonuses are not that generous, as the ones provided upon the first deposit. On the other hand, casino no deposit bonuses give the chance to feel the play, the atmosphere of gambling and at the same time with no risk for real money.

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What is bonus wager?

Wager is the total amount of all stakes in casino games necessary for the bonus rollover requirements. Before registering at famous and new casinos, read rules carefully. You should definitely find the wager for a bonus without deposit in promotions rules.

Here is an example what is wager and how it should be rolled over:

Let’s say, you received 10 USD no deposit bonus for your registration. For instance, you read in rules the wager is 30x. That is, 10 x 30 = 300, and it means you need to roll over at least 300 USD to convert the bonus into real money and make it your own. Then it is possible to start the cash-out process of all your winnings or total balance (depends on your further plans with casino).

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How to use the no deposit bonus if you received it?

Unfortunately, most casinos granting to the players free casino bonuses, limit the player in the choice of games.

As a rule, slots always contribute (to wager) 100% of all stakes. Roulette, blackjack and the others – a certain percent and, consequently, a speed of meeting rollover requirements is getting longer.

Look for more detailed information in the casino promotion rules, or come to Live chat and ask everything you need to make sure before a play.

Can I withdraw my winnings with no deposit bonus?

It is not only possible, it is necessary! Otherwise, why do we need to play then?

Most of beginners are interested: is it possible to withdraw winnings if they were acquired by means of a no deposit bonus? If you have the same question – there is nothing strange here. It is not desirable to spend heaps of time for a game (we hope successful), and, in the end, find out you can’t receive winnings due some unclear reason. By the way, a casino has the right reject a payout only by two reasons:

If it is mentioned in rules; respectively, it is recommended to read very carefully even the smallest text;

If a casino is rogue or untransparent, that is a swindler that can hardly sound for you as something new.

How does it look like a cashout process after no deposit bonus?

Once can hardly call the process of withdrawal difficult, but it is desirable to discuss all stages in more details:

First Step

First of all, you should not be afraid if a casino requires a minimum deposit for your account verification. Of course, the first thing everyone can think of: “This is fraud!”, but we can assure you – it is the commonly accepted measure for account verification. Anyway, your money won’t get to anywhere; you will be able to withdraw them with ease at any time.

Second Step

After a minimum deposit before the winnings cashout, a casino administration can request KYC documents to confirm your personality. In that case, you are enough to provide a regular passport or driver’s license. However, not all casinos work by the same principle and don’t get surprised if you are required to provide some additional documents.

Third Step

The next stage for some players is the most difficult as it is necessary to wait. The point is casino security officers need to check your documents within several hours, days, and sometimes about a week.

And, at last, after all these manipulations you receive the notification your account is verified and, consequently, you can withdraw money. However, some online casinos make use of the other method of the notification. They just change the account status so you don’t need to burden yourself with angry emails to the casino administration.

After your account was successfully verified, there is no doubt you will be able to withdraw with ease all your winnings for any e-wallet. However, the transaction may still take a few more hours.

Otherwise, if after everything you made, you are added to a “black list” and nodody replies to messages, calls – then begins the most unpleasant: you realise the casino is  fraudulent. Therefore in order to find the best betting sites, you are to collect maximum information about the particular casino. How trustworthy it is, whether it is possible to withdraw without problems money, etc.

What pitfalls can you expect from no deposit bonuses?

If you are already ready to start playing with no deposit bonus – “hold horses”, the all above-mentioned, is still not all information required for a comfortable game.

  • Any types of bonuses from online casinos are a certain gesture of hospitality, a gift, respectively, it isn’t necessary to abuse it. It is recommended to read carefully all Terms and Conditions, in particular, everything about promo rules;
  • Once again I have to repeat – each casino has a number of withdrawal rules: usually it is about depositing and confirmation of the personality. Later on, you will be able to withdraw the earned winnings with ease;
  • Online casinos have certain restrictions on the winnings amount with free casino bonuses. Unfortunately, the phenomenon is quite normal and don’t get surprised if from the won 1500 USD you will be able to cashout only 200.

What is the maximum cashout after wagering a no deposit bonus??

Casino promotion rules always read the maximum amount of money you will be able to withdraw with a no deposit bonus. However, in rare cases there is no such restriction. You should never hesitate to address a Live chat on any unclear issue.

Nevertheless we have to notice that if you even managed to hit a jackpot with no deposit bonus, you will hardly end up a withdrawal process.

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